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Fronttek Company is a recognized quality computer peripherals manufacturer. Established in 2000 , fronttek company has gained experience in design and manufacturing quality control . We employ over 200 people in our more qty high speed production lines. fronttek has grown to become a large supplier of innovative computer peripherals products in China.

Our products like as multimedia speakers ,headsets iPhone/iPad accessories and Portable power bank are designed with cutting edge technology and comply with international standards. We continually pursue high quality custo- mer service to make sure the products we manufacture will exceed customer's expectations.

Thanks to a steadfast commitment to quality control, innovation, and design, and cooperation with famous band , fronttek company proudly serves both consumers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs ) , across Europe, Asia and the America through our worldwide global partners. Under fronttek company with two our own brand "FRONTTEK" & "MLD" products sell as well in china market and gain good reputation from consumers.  msn: